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27 September 2016 In LUJ News

Lakeland Japan graduates Eigo Tokuyama (2013) and Naoki Murakami (2012) are using their Hosplitality degrees in exciting ways. Both graduates attended the LU Japan and Wisconsin campuses, completed their hospitality internships overseas, and now find themselves launching hospitality careers on the beautiful beaches of Okinawa, Japan. 

Eigo and Naoki's first job after graduation: helping launch the newest Hyatt Regency hotel in Naha, Okinawa. Eigo was hired as a part of the Premier Hotel Group - owned by the major Japanese real estate company Ken Real Estate Lease. Naoki now works for the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and was hired directly by the Hyatt Regency and will continue his career at the Okinawa property full time. 

Both graduates seem quite happy settling into their new hotel careers and island life. Naoki says "it's exciting going to work in such brand new facilities. Our property offers some of the highest quality servcies, and I work with really encouraging managers. This is letting me learn so many new and valuable hospitality skills". Eigo is also enjoying his Okinawa position, but explains "I will only be here for another few months. I've entered a training and development program that moves me to a different hotel every six months. But that's exciting too - a new place and new department every six months is going to give me some great exposure to the industry."

Eigo and Naoki speak highly of their experiences at Lakeland University. Eigo mentions "having gone through both the Tokyo and Wisconsin campuses, I really felt prepared to begin my career. I had great professors with so much knowledge about the industry. And the things I learned are suddently a part of my every day life. Whether it be Excel, hotel words like 'Revpar' and 'ADR', or even how to read financial sheets - it all helped me prepare for this".

For these two Japan and Wisconsin graduates - finding themselves living and working in Okinawa and at the same property brought some great feelings of accomplishments. Eigo adds "it was suprising to hear we're ending up at the same property, especially considering our companies are different. But it's great to be here and know someone - especially someone who's gone through so many of the same experiences".  


08 September 2016 In LUJ News

Lakeland University Japan, having just celebrated its 25th year anniversary, welcomed its largest incoming class of international students this fall. 

The 32 traditional full-time, incoming international freshmen include representatives from the U.S., Japan, China, Puerto Rico, Greece, the UK, Korea, Portugal, Taiwan and the Congo. This now brings the total number of nationalities represented on the LUJ campus to over forty. 

 SeongJoon An, LUJ's International Student Affairs Coordinator, explains the excitement felt around campus from this record number of students. “We’ve been having great enrollment success over the past few years, consistently enrolling larger and larger numbers of energetic, active and passionate students. Our recruitment and int’l student support teams have had a great time introducing LUJ's programs and getting to know these students; we are all excited to welcome this largely international class and see the campus and classrooms reach new levels of diversity and new perspectives.”

This fall's incoming class also includes several freshman from international high schools and military veterans who were already residing in Japan. These students represent another growing area of enrollment over these past few years, as LUJ’s fully accredited Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree program allows them the flexibility of choosing where to complete the final two years of their undergraduate degree – including the Lakeland University home campus in Wisconsin, U.S.A., and other universities throughout the U.S., Japan and abroad. 

Mailen Trout, a graduate from St. Mary's International School in Tokyo, explains his reason for choosing LUJ by saying "the relatively small community appealed to me.I felt everyone would get to know each other quickly. I think that really plays a part in having a strong start and staying on track with college-level studies".   

Kyle Davis, a military veteran who was stationed in Japan, is also seizing the opportunity to begin his college education at LUJ. He adds, "I knew I wanted to challenge myself in a way I wouldn't have been able to in America. The courses and degree will be the same as U.S.-based universities, but choosing LUJ gives me the opportunity to continue experiencing life in a foreign country, and improve my Japanese even more". Davis explains a personal goal of his as "taking these college years and experiencing as many things as I can. LUJ is a place for me to broaden my horizens and open up to new ways of thinking". 

Trout and Davis were joined by the other incoming students for the Fall semester “Welcome Week”, which included various days of orientations, luncheons and course registration. The week concluded with an exciting team-building excursion to “Sarushima” (Monkey Island), the only natural island in Tokyo Bay. New students were led by LUJ student volunteers, staff and faculty representatives for a day of socializing, team activities, and a beachside BBQ.


08 August 2016 In LUJ News

Alex BLUJ Academic, EAP students, and Alumni participating in a new volunteer Note-Taking Project

Knowledge means sharing; knowledge means selfless devotion to others; knowledge means giving all you can and expecting no rewards in return: that is what the volunteers in the new Note-taking Project at LUJ believed in as they decided to help EAP students in need during Summer 2016 Semester.

More than ten academic students and two LUJ alumni attended EAP classes every weekday from the first to the last week of the semester. After finishing their academic classes in the morning, they joined the afternoon EAP classes from 13:25 to 18:00. By participating in this new volunteer project, the academic students learned how to take notes for language learners with hearing impairment, how to communicate using the sign language, and in a broader sense, how to assist EAP students who need a helping hand.

The atmosphere of warm encouragement created in class by the EAP instructors Mr. Michael Stowe, Mr. Valdorian Cline, and Ms. Aileen Inoue, helped the volunteering LUJ academic students and alumni to do their best for supporting the EAP program. We are proud of our LUJ students and alumni, who are building bridges of true humanity at LUJ through their outstanding volunteer work.

Thank you, Yu Suenaga and Kozue Sasamoto, Ikko Nishimura and Teresa Ueunten, Alexander Brein and Yukiko Ito, Miki Yamanaka and Homatsu Nakafuku, Mitsuho Ichikawa and Daiki Kojima, Saki Shibukawa and Kazuki Togashi, Minami Kojima and Kenji Narumiya, Yosuke Ota and Moe Furusawa! 


 Ikko Yu                note taking

13 June 2016 In LUJ News


The National Hansen’s Disease Museum located in Higashimurayama-city, Tokyo, 

released a new DVD devoted to the history of the Hansen’s disease in Japan. The English translation of this unique documentary was entrusted to two of the participants in our LUJ Vox Humana volunteer research project: Ms. Arisa Leisure and Ms. Yu Suenaga. Thanks to their outstanding translation, all foreign and Japanese visitors of the National Hansen’s Disease Museum in Tokyo will now have the opportunity not only to learn about the human drama of the Hansen’s disease patients in Japan but also to hear the human voice of our LUJ student community.

05 June 2016 In LUJ News
A record number of more than 90 participants took part in the third annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan (LUJ) on June 4.

There were more than 45 presenters from all corners of Japan (Okinawa, Hiroshima, Kyushu, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Niigata) representing 25 different universities, as well a presenter from China and one from Turkey.

"It was the best turnout with representation from the widest assortment of universities, districts and even nations," commented Associate Dean Alan Brender.

The presentations were all related to education, college administration, or cross-cultural issues, but covered a wide range of topics, from using e-portfolios in the college classroom to the role of international graduate students at Japanese universities. One presentation examined Japanese college students’ reactions to Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto, who is of mixed-race heritage, and another questioned what it means to be a “native speaker” of a language.

Among the universities represented were: Wenzhou Kean University in Wenzhou, China, Bezmialem University in Istanbul and such noted Japanese universities as Sophia University, Japan Advanced University of Science and Technology, the University of the Ryukyus, Hiroshima University, Niigata University, Meiji University, International Christian University, Kobe University, Kyushu University, Asia University, Osaka University and Temple University Japan

LUJ was well-represented as well, as Dr. Adam Tompkins, Charles Laurier (co-presenting with Michael Bell), Dr. Jonathan Derr, Wade Carlton, Dr. Anthonette Gibson, and Mick Short all gave presentations, as did Dr. Carmen Tamas from the NIC/Lakeland Osaka Campus and Andy Lawson from NIC.

A highlight of the conference was the student symposium, composed of seven students from LCJ, NIC, and the Tama University of Global Studies, during which students discussed their views on transnational education. Several conference attendees commented that the student symposium gave a much appreciated added dimension to the conference.

"This conference was an appropriate event to mark the 25th anniversary year and the last event which Lakeland College will sponsor," Dr. Brender said. Next year, as Lakeland enters its second quarter century in Japan, the event will be sponsored by Lakeland University Japan.

In his written message to the conference, Lakeland President Dan Eck said, "Global Education is not something new for Lakeland College.  Not only do we have our wonderful colleagues at our campus in Tokyo, we also have partner universities and colleges in China, South Korea, Germany, Luxembourg and Columbia. Our collective student body and faculty have participated in cultural and academic exchanges that have benefitted everyone involve."

The conference organizing committee wishes to thank all who attended and the students who helped to make the event so successful. See you at the 4th annual conference in 2017!
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