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18 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog
Dear Students,
Financial Affairs will send you an important email regarding how LUJ will send invoices to you, so please check your LUJ email.

Thank you for your cooperation.

10 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

To All LUJ Academic students,

This is an announcement regarding the ALEKS Placement Assessment, a web-based math placement test.
ALEKS math test for this semester is scheduled on Monday, July 6th (Time:TBA).  
However, we might need to change the schedule and method depending on how many students are planning to take the ALEKS math test this semester.
If you wish to take this assessment test this semester, please send us an email to Academic Affairs ( by Tuesday, June 16th to sign up.
Since the decision of the testing date and time will be finalized after we determine the number of students who signed up for the test, the late sign-up will not be accepted.
Please make your decision and make sure to contact us by June 16th.
Should you have any questions, please let us know.
Thank you,
Academic Affairs
08 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students,

I hope your classes are going well and that the technical difficulties of taking classes online are diminishing.  As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be ebbing, many rumors have begun surfacing about when LUJ will be reopened and classes will be offered again in person.

Many of you are very eager to return to your classrooms, teachers and friends, but to safeguard your health, we do not want to rush the opening of the school, so we will do it in stages.


Stage 1: June 8 - June 12 (limited appointments for specific purposes)

I am happy to announce that the first stage will begin this week.  In this stage, you can visit the campus for a specific purpose (i.e. pick up items left behind, take books out of the library, meet with staff members, pay school fees, etc.). Appointments must be made in advance by sending an email to the person you wish to see, waiting for a positive response, and then visiting the campus at the appointed date and time

You can make appointments between 11:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. The librarian will be available Thursday and Friday this week. Check with staff on their availability.  The last appointment should be at 3:30.


Stage 2: June 15 - June 19 (limited time for expanded visits)

Stage 2 will start next week.  You will be able to check reference materials in the library for short periods of time, make photocopies, and spend a limited amount of time at a computer in the library. Please remember to keep proper social distance, to wear a face mask (required), and disinfect your hands frequently.


Stage 3: June 22 - TBA (limited return of EAP / Academic courses)

While most EAP sections will remain online, some specific EAP classes (HB and LI) will begin meeting on campus from Tuesday through Friday. Monday classes will continue through the current zoom platforms. 

The EAP class schedules will be restructured to meet between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Students will be given the choice each day to either attend the class in person, or continue participating in the live class via Zoom.  Only larger classrooms that allow for proper social distancing will be used, and teachers will inform their students of the new room assignments. 

Mondays will be reserved for a few academic courses as needed, such as Public Speaking, Drawing or Web Design. Students unable or unwilling to attend live classes may continue participating online. The instructors will notify you whether there will be any changes in the venue of your class(es).

Most academic and EAP classes will continue online for the rest for the semester in order to protect you during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to reopen most classes, if not all in the fall semester, but it is too early to make any promises.  Please be patient and follow the communication and updates from your teachers. Remember that the campus is reopening to allow you educational opportunities.  It is still too dangerous to hold social activities. 

If you do come to the campus, please follow all the safeguards listed below. 


On-Campus Safeguards (may change due to changing conditions)

1. All students visiting the campus must wear a mask (required)

2. Maintain social distancing 

3. Do not remain on campus outside of class time to socialize in groups

4. If attending a class, you must record your temperature that morning. If your temperature is above 37.5 degrees, please stay home and participate online. 


We know you have not seen many of your LUJ friends in a long time, but this is not the time to group or to sit in closely-knit groups. Maintain your distance to stay healthy.

As time goes on, and conditions become clearer, we will inform you of any further developments. Please be patient, and continue the great work you have put forth so far this semester. 



Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan

02 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

flyer 1

Whether you have artistic talent or not, the My Lockdown gallery contest is not only a great way for anyone to get involved with LUJ, but also to express what this time period of social distancing meant to you.  This event is brought to you by Charles, your school librarian, and professor Tompkins, who would love to see the diverse array of skill sets harbored amongst our very talented student, staff, faculty, and alumni body.  We hope to see many submissions from all of you.  Submit your photo, short video (under 1 minute) or any other art work by June 30.  A vote will determine the winners and all works will be shown on Gallery 5712's website. Prizes will be awarded for the best work in each category.
-Student Affairs
02 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

LUJ Book Club Summer reading 2 flyer 1

LUJ students,

It looks like the LUJ Book Club is at it again this semester with yet another intriguing as well as timely book selection.  Take a look at the following message from Dr. Tompkins for more information on how to get involved:


Hi everyone,

Please consider joining the LUJ Book Club this semester. The club started over the April break and it was a really enjoyable experience. Students and faculty participated in the club and I think we all agree that the discussions about the story and contemporary parallels proved to be one of the high points of every week. We have another promising book, Human Acts, lined up for the summer semester. It was written by the award-winning South Korean author Han Kang.

Human Acts (book description)

Gwangju, South Korea, 1980. In the wake of a viciously suppressed student uprising, a boy searches for his friend’s corpse, a consciousness searches for its abandoned body, and a brutalized country searches for a voice. Through interconnected chapters the victims and people in mourning encounter censorship, denial, forgiveness, and the echoing agony of the original trauma.

With the tumultuous developments in the world today, this book will likely generate plenty of opportunity for comparison and a rich discussion. The reading will be divided into several parts so that it will be easy to balance with your coursework.

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff are invited to participate. At least the first five students to join will receive a free copy of the book.

If you are interested, please contact: Adam Tompkins (), Charles Laurier (), or Ryan Rashotte ().

-Student Affairs

29 May 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear LUJ students,

This is an update regarding the Japanese Government’s financial support documentation titled “Emergency Student Support Handout” (”学生支援緊急給給付金”). We have sent an email to all students providing instructions and the application form.

Please carefully read the guidelines attached to the email. If you are eligible for the application, fill out the application form and submit it (in PDF format) to along with any necessary supporting documents. No applications will be accepted after June 10th (however, supporting documents will be accepted if submitted by June15th in the event it is difficult for you to submit them by the due date).  

Incomplete or insufficient submissions will be automatically rejected due to time constraints. In addition, please be aware that the funding we are assigned is limited, and therefore it is not guaranteed that you will receive funding even if you satisfy the eligibility criteria. 

Please also note that applicants may be contacted for interviews between June 15th and 16th if found necessary.

Student Affairs




メールに添付されているガイドラインの内容をよく読み、該当される方は、申請書に記入の上、PDF形式にて添付書類とともに6月10日までに にお送りください。6月10日を過ぎて送信された申請は受け付けできません。(ただし、添付書類が間に合わない場合は、15日まで受付が可能です。) 




28 May 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students, 

Welcome to the summer semester at LUJ! 

We hope the first week of the summer semester is going well for all of you. As you probably know, the Japanese government has begun lifting the state of emergency in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. While this is encouraging news, you need to be patient and expect LUJ summer classes to continue online for the foreseeable future in order to ensure your health and safety and that of the faculty, and staff. 

At this point, we still do not know exactly when we can return to live classroom teaching and learning, but the LUJ administration is continuing to monitor the situation closely and planning the appropriate timing and measures that will help us to safely re-open the campus. 

We will notify you directly by email, as well as through the LUJ blog, when we decide to re-open the campus.  The reopening will most likely be in stages and perhaps for targeted groups of students to ensure that there is adequate and safe personal space in the classrooms and public areas. As you know, social distancing is still crucial to prevent you and others from suffering from the coronavirus in a new wave of infection.

For those of you currently residing outside of Tokyo, we understand you may need additional time to relocate and secure your housing before you are able to attend classes. We will do our utmost to support you in relocating.  We know this will require us to be flexible to ensure your return to Tokyo and LUJ classes is as worry-free and as smooth as possible. 

We wish to thank you for your patience and understanding during this pandemic and your willingness to adapt to the changes in the traditional learning environment. We are amazed at how adaptable you have become and how responsible and mature you have grown. Still, we understand that with growth and adaptability comes a great deal of stress. Do not feel you have to bear this stress alone. The staff members in the Student Affairs office are eager to help you, and you can make appointments with our professional counselor, Dr. Kawanishi, to discuss the anxiety, stress and personal problems that are troubling you. Don’t hesitate to use the support services LUJ is offering.

You can also get personal one-on-one assistance with your academic or language classes from the tutors through the online Learning Center. The tutors can help answer those questions about the subject you are taking that you feel too embarrassed or timid to ask your instructor. Make an appointment, and let a tutor help ease your worries and concerns.

Although the conditions of the pandemic have improved here in Tokyo, we feel it is important to continue monitoring and assessing the best way to re-open the campus for you to safely return to the campus.. We wish you the best in these early weeks of the summer semester, and please remember we are here for you.

Thank you for your patience, continue the great work in your classes and keep up your laudable spirit.



Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan

25 May 2020 By In LUJ Blog

To All LUJ Students,


Welcome to the new semester!  The state of emergency is continuing for a while, but we hope circumstances will change for the better very soon.


This is to inform you that the Japanese Government is offering financial support called “「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』” to students (Japanese and non-Japanese) in higher education who have suffered financially because of the pandemic.  

LUJ is inviting all students who have been affected to apply for government funding. All EAP and Academic students, including International students are eligible. LUJ has set the tentative application deadline for June 10 (Wed)We are currently confirming the details and preparing to open up the application to our students. We appreciate your patience while we make the appropriate preparations and can deliver more detailed information/application process to you.

If you are thinking of applying for Japanese government funding, please start preparing the necessary information/documents so that you will be able to submit the application form and the necessary documents as soon as more detailed information is announced. Please see below for details provided on the Ministry of Education [MEXT] website. The English is LUJ’s own rough translation. Please see the original information at the MEXT's website (available in Japanese only) at


Conditions that students should fulfill

Students should fulfill conditions 1-6 (items in italics)

(1)    Living independently of family, self-financing with part-time work

1 No large financial support from family

2 In principle, living away from home

3 High proportion of financial support for study and living from part-time work

4 Extra family support cannot be expected since family income has also been reduced

(2)     Income greatly reduced as a result of Novel Coronavirus pandemic

5 Income from part-time work greatly reduced (by 50% or more)

(3)     With a view to long-term ability to consider studies, expecting to use this Project in connection with other existing systems of support

6 In principle, fulfill one of the following conditions:

イ)Receiving support Type I (Families exempt from Residents’ Tax)

ロ)Receiving support Type II or III (Equivalent to families exempt from Residents’ Tax), and receiving maximum 50,000-60,000 yen monthly interest-free amount

ハ)Family income is not included in new system, but student is receiving maximum monthly interest-free amount 

ニ)Above conditions do not apply, but is qualified to apply for other support, including non-government private sources


*For overseas students, instead of above, follow JASSO conditions:

イ)Good grades; GPA 2.30 or above

ロ)Attendance 80% or above

ハ)Receiving from home 90,000 yen or less monthly, not including tuition fees

ニ)Annual income of supporting family living in Japan less than 5,000,000 yen


LUJ will judge students’ economic difficulties based on the above criteria. 

Each application will be reviewed at LUJ, final candidates to receive financial support will be selected by LUJ, and MEXT will make the final selection. 


Student Affairs

24 May 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear EAP students,

The Summer 2020 term calendar has been updated as of today. You will be able to find out some additional information being added on the calendar.

Please check the Student Resources page to find the latest calendar. 

EAP Affairs

19 May 2020 By In LUJ Blog

To All LUJ Academic Students,

Starting from the first day of the semester, Monday, May 25th at 8:30 am, Add/Drop period will start. Since this semester will start with online courses, Add/Drop will also be held online. If you wish to change your registration, please log into My.Lakeland, as you do online registration for the subsequent semester.

Add/Drop period for the Summer 2020 semester:

START: 8:30 am on Monday, May 25th

CLOSE: 5:00 pm on Friday, May 29th



1. If there are available seats for the courses you are interested in, you can add the course and drop something instead.

(Note: You are NOT permitted to drop those required courses listed below that you have already registered unless it is a section change for the same course.)

Writing Workshop


Reading Workshop


Composition I


Composition II


Foundations of Critical Thinking


2. Please let your advisor know for an approval every time you make a change of your registration on My.Lakeland. Your registration is NOT DONE yet until your advisor approves your course, which will change the course status under the “Course Schedule” section of My.Lakeland to Current from Reserved. Make sure to log in again some time later and check the status. If the courses have not been approved after 2 days, check with your advisor.

   For new academic students: Since your academic advisor will be assigned after Add/Drop period, please contact Academic Affairs for an approval if you make a change of  your registration.

3. No submission of Add/Drop form is needed.


If your intended course is still full on My.lakeland, there is an online waiting list and you can be on the list if you would like. The online waiting list, however, does not guarantee registration for classes and most students do not get into those waitlisted classes, please do not drop any courses you have registered at the time of signing up on an online waitlist.

Academic Affairs will contact you directly if a seat becomes available in the class you are waitlisted for. You must give Academic Affairs the confirmation by its deadline. Please keep checking your phone and LUJ email. Otherwise, all waiting lists will be cancelled after 5:00 pm on Friday, May 29th.

Academic Affairs

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