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25 August 2021 By In LUJ Blog

To All Undergraduate Students,

Starting from the first day of the semester, Monday, August 30th at 8:30 am, Add/Drop period will start. If you wish to change your registration, please log into My.Lakeland as you usually do online registration for the subsequent semester.

Add/Drop period for the Fall 2021 semester:

START8:30 am on Monday, August 30th

CLOSE: 17:00 pm on Friday, September 3rd



1. If there are available seats for the courses you are interested in, you can add the course and drop something instead.

(Note: You are NOT permitted to drop those required courses listed below that you have already registered unless it is a section change for the same course.)

Writing Workshop


Reading Workshop


Composition I


Composition II


Foundations of Critical Thinking



2. Please let your advisor know for an approval every time you make a change to your registration on My.Lakeland. Your registration is NOT DONE yet until your advisor approves your course, which will change the course status under the “Course Schedule” section of My.Lakeland to Current from Reserved. Make sure to log in again some time later and check the status. If the courses have not been approved after 2 days, check with your advisor.

[For new undergraduate students: Since your academic advisor will be assigned after Add/Drop period, please contact Academic Affairs for an approval if you make a change to your registration.]


If your intended course is still full on My.lakeland, there is an online waiting list and you can be on the list if you would like. The online waiting list, however, does not guarantee registration for classes and most students do not get into those waitlisted classes, please do not drop any courses you have registered at the time of signing up on an online waitlist.

Academic Affairs will contact you directly if a seat becomes available in the class you are waitlisted for. You must give Academic Affairs the confirmation by its deadline. Please keep checking your phone and LUJ email. Otherwise, all waiting lists will be cancelled on Monday, September 6th.

Academic Affairs

09 August 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear EAP Students

The Fall 2021 class schedule is now available at Student Resources.
Please go to the Student Resources page to view it or download a copy. 
Also, please be reminded that On Campus Classes (IN-2, HI-2, LA-2, and LAT-2) will be ONLINE for the first two weeks. 
The class style after September 13th will be announced later so please closely monitor your LUJ email as well as this LUJ Blog for the updates.

EAP Affairs 

06 August 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students,

The LUJ administration has decided to postpone holding in-person classes in the Fall
semester for at least two weeks in order to keep you safe. We are concerned about the high
rate of Covid 19 infections in Tokyo, the slow rate of vaccinations and the impact of

This means the first two weeks of classes will be held online. We hope to move to in-person
classes the week of September 13. However, holding in-person classes will be contingent
upon the Covid-19 pandemic situation, so further postponements may occur.

The class schedule for the online classes will remain the same as proposed for the Fall
semester. This applies to both the undergraduate and EAP classes. If you are scheduled to be
in EAP in-person classes, your classes will still start at 11:00 am. and end at 3:55 p.m.

We will notify you each Monday about the current status of in-person classes, starting
September 6, until in-person classes commence. Please pay special attention to your e-mail
and the LUJ blog for updates. We are sorry we cannot be more definitive about the date for
the resumption of in-person classes.

Please try to stay safe and get a vaccine injection as soon as you can make an appointment, if
you have not already done so.

I am sorry to disappoint you if you had planned to start in-person classes in the first week of
the term, but we will offer live classes as soon as it is safe to do so.

Alan Brender

05 August 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear EAP students

Fall 2021 EAP Term Calendar has been updated.
Please go to Student Resources page to view it or download a copy.

EAP Affairs

04 August 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear students, 

The Fall 2021 class schedule has been updatedPlease go to the Student Resources page to view it or download a copy.  

Academic Affairs

03 August 2021 By In LUJ Blog

To LUJ students,

We have updated the LUJ COVID-19 Sanitizing Protocol on our Student Resources page. Please read it through and make yourself familiar with it!

Student Affairs

08 July 2021 By In LUJ Blog

LUJ Outdoor time REVISED

To all LUJ students, faculty, and staff, 

One of the greatest things about being part of LUJ has always been the various events and activities
that give us the chance to meet, talk, and enjoy time together. It has been difficult to group together
over this long year, BUT there are still ways to join together safely during these times! 
A great and safe way for us to come together is outdoors. We have planned a fun, relaxing, and easily
socially-distanced "LUJ Outdoor Time" event in Yoyogi Park—a massive outdoor park (free entry)
with more than enough room for us to spread out. This is open to anyone who's looking for some fresh
air and the chance to enjoy a fun day together.
Event Details
Date: July 24th
Time: 10:00 - 15:00 (see poster for details)
Location: Yoyogi Park (meet at the clock tower; events will be held near the clocktower entrance...look for some LUJ shirts:))
Activities: fun team activities/challenges, music, frisbee, soccer, foodie groups (or anything else you'd like to bring for fun!)

Click here to register for the event

✅ All current students, faculty and staff are welcome to join!

Everyone will be masked, hand sanitizers are ready, and any food or drink should be brought by yourself. Team activity supplies
will be provided, but it's a feel free to bring other things you might like:). 
We hope to see you there, and please contact our student ambassadors Reina Arisaka ( or Larissa Nishimura (  if you have any questions. 
07 July 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear EAP Students

Fall 2021 EAP Term Calendar and Annual Calendar are now available on the Student Resources page.
Please go to 
Student Resources page to view it or download a copy.

EAP Affairs

07 July 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Academic Students

Fall 2021 Academic Term Calender is now available on the Student Resouces. 
Please go to the Student Resources page to view it or download a copy.

Academic Affairs

30 June 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students

Updated Academic Handbook is now available at Student Resources Page.
We would like to highlight the following sections as those are newly added: 

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements
  • Business Administration Major Requirements
  • Course Descriptions

Please make sure to read and understand the most current policy. 

Academic Affairs

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