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Spring 2021 COURSE LIST

ACC210 Financial Accounting Principles GEN130 Foundations of Critical Thinking 
ART264 Art History II GEN134 Humanities I 
BIO100 Introduction to Biology  GEN365 Core II: Prejudice and Discrimination 
BUS150 Introduction to Business  HIS101 World History I
BUS301 Management Information Systems HIS102 World History II
CHI101 Elementary Chinese I  HIS111 U.S. History I
COM111 Public Speaking  JPS101 Elementary Japanese I
CPS100 Introduction to Computers  JPS102 Elementary Japanese II
DVS150 Introduction to Diversity Studies  MAT130 Intermediate Algebra
ECN230 Microeconomics  MAT220 Probability and Statistics
ECN235 Macroeconomics  MUS111 Fundamentals of Music Theory
ENG260 The Arts of Film MUS120 Music in History and Culture
GEN100 Writing Workshop  PHI110 Logics 
GEN101 Reading Workshop  REL232 Eastern Religious Traditions
GEN102 Mathematics Workshop  SOC100 Introduction to Sociology
GEN110 Composition I  SPA101 Elementary Spanish I
GEN112 Composition II  SPA102 Elementary Spanish Il
  WRT201 News Writing
  WRT212 New Media Writing Lab

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