Women's Studies Summer Academic Program (WSSAP)

The launch of the Women's Studies Summer Academic Program has been postponed for the next year. Information about WSSAP 2018 will be posted on the Program website and the LUJ official homepage.
To all participants and volunteers, lecturers and supporters of WSSAP 2017, our heartfelt gratitude for their selfless devotion to the noble ideas of humanity and tolerance to others.


Lakeland University Japan (LUJ), an American Liberal Arts College located in Tokyo, looks forward to the 2018 Women's Studies Summer Academic Program to be held in early August.  

The purpose of the new program at Lakeland University Japan is twofold. While its primary goal is to focus on women's role in Japanese history and culture, in a broader sense, its objecive is to foster tolerance to others, forward thinking and responsible citizenship. 

The Summer Academic Program at LUJ is the first women's studies program in Tokyo offered entirely in English. Organized to be student-centered, it will help the participants to rediscover the women's role in Japan and the global impact of their achievements. By comparative study of examples from the historical past until XXI century, the program participants will explore the ways in which Japan formulated and developed its ideas of female leadership in modern society. The participants will have the opportunity to meet and learn from leading women in today's Japan and their paths to establishing themselves as experts in their respective fields. 

The program is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, Ph.D. candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as those interested in Japanese culture and socient, gender and feminist studies. 

An international team of established scholars in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences will guide the participants through the world of Japan, sharing with them erudite knowledge, unique experience, and life-long devotion to the cause of gender equality and human rights. 

All particpants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Any proceeds from the WSSAP will be used to establish a Scholarship in support of an outstanding female student of Lakeland University Japan. 


Click here for a PDF version of the full 2017 WSSAP schedule and outline


Program Outline 


Online Registration

Online registration will is already available for the 2018 WSSAP. Official dates, times and the list of presenters, speakers and activities will be updated as they become available. Please send any inquiries to the Director of WSSAP, Dr. Iskra Gencheva, at

The Summer Program will charge participant fees of 10,000 JPY per day, or a discounted 40,000 JPY for the entire program. Fees include tuition for the program, course materials, museum admission fees, transportation within Tokyo for the visits organized within the framework of the program, as well as a daily light lunch. Participants are individually responsible for their accommodation in Tokyo transportation to LUJ, and living expenses. 


Cancellation / Fee Policy: participants will be notified by July 25, 2017 if there are insufficient numbers for the Summer Program to run. In this event, they will be offered a refund of the participation fees. Non-attendance without prior notice or cancellations made after July 30, 2017 will not be refunded. 


Contact: for further information, please contact the Director or Coordinators of the Women's Studies Summer Academic Program (WSSAP). 

Director of WSSAP: Dr. Iskra Gencheva ()

Coordinators of WSSAP: Dr. Anthonette Gibson (), Ms. Aileen Inoue ()

Director of International Programs: Charlie Stockman (

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