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From Wisconsin to the World — Twenty-Five Years in Japan

Founded in 1991, Lakeland College Japan is a fully-accredited two-year college, the branch campus of Lakeland College in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Lakeland College Japan:

  • is an educational community where students earn an Associate of Arts degree in Japan
  • is fully accredited by the USA's North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • is a liberal arts college with 150 years of history and 20 years in Japan
  • offers all graduates scholarships of $4000-$7000/year for continued study at the main campus in Wisconsin, USA.

Lakeland College is a private, four year liberal arts college founded in 1862 eight miles northwest of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Since its inception, the College has been committed to educating men and women of diverse backgrounds, enabling them to earn a living, to make ethical decisions, and to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives distinguished by intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. Lakeland is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is recognized as a respected institution of higher learning by numerous prestigious national and state higher education organizations. The College’s total student enrollment in all programs is currently approximately 5,000 students.

Consistent with its mission, the College has actively pursued both the development of international education off shore and the recruitment of international students from more than 40 countries for its Wisconsin based undergraduate and graduate programs. In 1991, Lakeland established an accredited two-year Associate of Arts Degree program at a branch campus in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Since its inception, this branch campus, Lakeland College Japan (LCJ), has prepared hundreds of young Japanese men and women for the rigors of an American liberal arts education.

Once LCJ students have acquired English language proficiency they are admitted to our Associate of Arts degree program. This program focuses on general studies in the liberal arts, in the tradition of American higher education. Nearly half of the LCJ students who have received their Associate of Arts degrees have transferred to the College’s main campus in Wisconsin where after two additional years they earn our baccalaureate degree. Most of those who do not transfer to our main campus in Wisconsin pursue a baccalaureate degree at other colleges and universities in the United States. A number of LCJ graduates have gone on to earn postgraduate degrees at U.S. institutions following the undergraduate studies at Lakeland College or elsewhere.

All courses at LCJ are taught in English. For this reason LCJ also offers an English for Academic Preparation program. Students who complete this program may receive college credit upon enrolling in a Bachelor's degree program.

LCJ is an educational community where students and faculty share academic goals and join in a common intellectual quest. The College engages in the humane enterprise of educating by helping students make a connection between what they learn and how they live. As a liberal arts college, LCJ prepares students to be aware of the historical, material, social, and intellectual forces that shape global destinies; be prepared to participate in their communities as conscientious and committed citizens; and apply their critical powers in a lifelong quest for truth.

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