Student Ambassador Scholarship (SAS)


What is the Student Ambassador Scholarship (SAS)?

The SAS is a leadership opportunity for students currently in LUJ's Academic (A.A. degree) program, who are dedicated to serving and representing Lakeland University Japan. The one-semester scholarship covers a maximum of 12-credits of tuition, and is renewable for those who wish to reapply and are selected. 

For those wishing to apply for this scholarship for the Fall 2018 semester, the application process must be completed by Tuesday (12:00 noon), September 18, 2018. Award notifications will be announced by the end of September. 


What does a Student Ambassador do?

Applicants chosen as Student Ambassadors primarily work with various LUJ departments to help provide a high level of student enthusiasm, academic and student life engagement, and community outreach. Ambassadors are most often involved with:

  • Welcoming and greeting new students at orientations
  • Becoming an active member in LUJ's Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Occassionally representing LUJ at school fairs / visits
  • Assisting in on and off-campus events and outreach activities
  • Attending department meetings as representatives of LUJ's student body
  • Other duties assigned by departments


What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

Becoming a Student Ambassador is an excellent opportunity for motivated students to gain leadership skills, learn to work independently and with university employees, engage with their fellow classmates, and help create a campus environment that benefits all of the LUJ community. Additionally, employers, colleges and universities are always looking for more than just good grades from students. Real experience and one's own personal growth are also benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador. 

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