The History of Japanese Architecture


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Survey the fascinating history of architecture in Japan, from its ancient beginning in the Jomon Period thousands of years ago, through the cutting-edge contemporary scene, and even buildings planned for the 2020 Olympics and beyond. 

The city of Tokyo will be your laboratory as you learn and visit numerous types and styles of buildings throughout various historic periods. Several class meetings will be architecture walking tours where you will visit and get an up-close look at many great buildings in and around Tokyo. Class days with walking tours may require additional transportation fees. 



Course Information

Day・曜日: Saturday・土曜日
Time・時間: 13:30 - 15:30
Class Code・講座コード: ART7

Meet the Instructor

Charles LCharles Laurier is an Adjunct Professor of Art History at Lakeland University Japan campus. His research has focused on Japanese architecture, with a special interest in the modern and contemporary periods. He has published articles on architecture in Tokyo and Osaka and presented his research at various international conferences. He is currently working on a web-based walking guide to important Tokyo architectural structures. 

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