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The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program brings focus and attention to the various skills needed to study at an American university.  It is an intensive program designed to assist students in not only acquiring English skills, but to prepare them for success in the Academic Program and beyond. 

We accept students into the EAP program on a continuing basis throughout the year. High school applicants are encouraged to apply early in their senior year.An application form is available online here, or you may contact the admissions office here to have application materials sent to you directly. For checklists and a basic overview, just start clicking on the tabs below. 

Overview of Application Process

Applying to LUJ is a simple process, but there are certain steps that should be followed to ensure a successful start. 

Step 1: Apply to the EAP program by completing the checklist below. Remember, we're here to help you along the way!

Step 2: Upon completing your admissions file, LUJ's admissions team will review the documents and contact you if anything else is needed. Upon a sucessful review, your official acceptance will be announced. 

Step 3: After you are accepted, your admissions officer will continue helping you through the steps to get you ready for the first semester. The additional information will be sent to your email, but you can always take a look ahead by checking out the Accepted Students tab.

Step 4: For those in need of a student visa to study at LUJ, check out the Visa Sponsorship tab below. You and your admissions counselor will be in contact from the start of your application process regarding visa deadlines and other information. 

Step 5: Scholarship and financial aid information is also provided in the tab below, but we recommend you let your admissions counselor know early in the application process if you are interested in applying. 

Application Checklist

  1. Complete your application form. You may complete the online version here, or a PDF version here. 
  2. Official High School transcripts (in English)
  3. A copy of your High School diploma (if applicable)
  4. A statement of purpose (300-400 words stating your interest in attending LUJ)
  5. Four identitical passport-sized photos (4cm x 3cm or 1.5in x 1in)
Applicants should send these files to the address below. Upon receipt of these items, your admissions file will be complete and ready for review.  

Lakeland University Japan
5-7-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
Attention: LUJ Office of Admissions

Visa Sponsorship

For applicants coming from overseas and in need of visa sponsorship, we're here to help. The visa application process officially begins as soon as you are officially accepted, but you can review the checklist to get a head start.

  1. Complete the Visa Application Information Sheet (click here for a PDF version). This can be submitted by email or fax. 
  2. Passport Photocopy (color). This can be submitted by email or fax.
  3. Complete the Confidential Financial Certificate form (click here for a PDF version). This may also be submitted by email or fax.  
  4. Pay the Student Visa Application Fee (20,000 JPY). Instructions on how to complete this payment will be sent to you via email. 


  1. All international students accepted to LUJ will automatically receive a 100,000 JPY scholarship (applied to the first semester invoice).
  2. Click here to learn about LUJ's Mentor Scholarship - another way to help lower costs. 
  3. Accepted students with U.S. citizenship are able to apply for Financial Aid through our home campus (WI). Contact our admissions office so we can help you start the process. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information about a certain step, you can schedule a visit, call us at +81-3-3225-0425, or simply fill out the form below. One of our admissions counselors will be in touch.

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