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The Chinese classes are basically conducted in English and some easy Japanese for the comparison between Chinese and Japanese words. The instructor will adjust the teaching component depending on class participants' Chinese ability. The class helps students improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, and conversation in a comprehensive way. The instructor advocates the "learning by using method" and provides a good deal of language practice opportunities in class. 



Course Information

Day・曜日: Saturdays・土曜日
Time・時間: 11:00 - 13:00
Class Code・講座コード: CHI1

Meet the Instructor

chineseMr. Wang Yi received his Master's degree in International Relations from Waseda University, and now is a Ph.D. candidate at Waseda. He joined Lakeland University Japan in 2014 as a faculty member of Chinese in the Academic program and the Open College. He is skilled at encouraging students to actively learn through in-class interaction. 

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