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ShaneHi, I am Shane, and I was born and raised in the Philippines. In March, 2011, my and I family moved here to Japan, and I honestly was not in favor of that decision. I had so many reasons and excuses why I did not want to leave my home country. However, I think the main reason why I did not want to take that leap was because I was afraid of the idea of change. My mind also knew that I would go through a hundred percent difficult time to cope with a lot of new things in Japan, such as the language, people, and culture. So I did not really want to come here.

Two years after the big move, and the search for colleges, I was actually on the verge of giving up on the possibility that I could pursue my education again. On one fateful day I found Lakeland University Japan Campus (LUJ). It’s a great thing LUJ exists because it gave me a lot of opportunities.

I got a chance to widen my knowledge and be more open-minded because this university has a wide variety of classes. It also has helped me make better decisions as well. I also got a chance to build relationships with others. LUJ is a small building but with an enormous number of both Japanese and International students, I was, therefore, able to get to know people, to make friends and to improve my Japanese as well. Last but not least, I got a chance to get to know myself better. My experiences here in LUJ, both inside and outside, are unforgettable.

So if you like to challenge yourself and make awesome friends along the way, then LUJ is definitely not a chance to miss.

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