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Ngoc TranBeing an international student is not something that is so special to me anymore. I have been studying abroad since I was 14, at the young age when most teenagers want to be nurtured and surrounded by family and friends. I was not like that. I wanted to step out into the world, to improve my English, and to learn different cultures. It was such an excitement for me; I have enjoyed learning everyday even though I have struggled a lot because of different languages and environments.

Moving to various places was also difficult for me. It was not because of my circumstances that I had to move; I was the one who made the decisions to move. I still remember the day I called my mom, and said “Mom! I’m moving to Japan, and I want to go to school there. I can help dad out with work later on... and I can be closer with you all. This place is too lonely for me.” I have no idea of why I started it all that way; maybe I was too emotional; maybe I missed my family, and there were so many more “maybes” that I try not to remember them all. So then, I moved …. again. I decided to come to Japan without knowing where I was going to study. It was not easy to find a college where classes are taught in English that are based on the American education system. I spent hours searching on the Internet, and worried that I might have made the wrong choice. However, a miracle had lightened up my future for my dad and I when I finally found the university that I been searching for, Lakeland University Japan (LUJ).

Lakeland University Japan is a small campus, which is located in Shinjuku, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo. One of the things I love about LUJ is that LUJ not only welcomes students in Japan, but also welcomes students who come from different countries around the world. I was afraid that I could not make any friends because I could not speak Japanese, and there would be no way I could communicate with them. Somehow, things turned out differently than I expected; LUJ has become my second home. I now have such great friends with whom I can talk and share things with. The friendly office staff willingly help me with everything that I struggle with, and the professors kindly care about my studying from the bottoms of their hearts. Everyone has given me the strength of looking forward to the light, and now a more challenging future is waiting ahead for me.

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