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DhabyaEver since I was a young child I was always fascinated by Japan and its culture. Growing up I watched of Japanese cartoons dubbed into Arabic which showed stories from Japanese history and culture. The Samurai and the way of the bushido always had a special appeal to me with never ending strive for honour, dignity and loyalty.

My brother was first posted to Japan when I was in junior high school, he would bring me back small tokens of modern Japanese culture; funny flavoured kitkats, refined cookies and a wide selection of stationary which I would show off in school. He would come back with stories telling my parents stories of how organised, honourable and kind Japanese people, how the landscape changed with the four seasons. I would sit and imagine this enchanted land far away from the UAE with its pink trees and clear skies.

When I finished school I decided I wanted to move to this magical place, and what made Japan the economic power house it is. While I longed to immerse myself in the land and culture I looked for an education that could give me the best of both worlds. This is where Lakeland came into the picture and it ticked all the boxes.

I was lucky to get a place in this dynamic university with students and faculty from all over the globe. A true international experience with Japanese and American foundation

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