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19 March 2019 In LUJ News

Congratulations to our LUJ alumni (2010) Jackie Ho, who went on to further her studies at the Lakeland home campus! For Jackie, attending Lakeland was more than just a stepping stone. “Applying to LUJ, which was still LCJ back then, is probably the best and smartest decision I have made in my life. I still remember thinking to myselfin my Japanese language school in Asakusabashithat I should try and apply to universities and get my degree. I followed what my heart told me and one door led to another!”

After completing her four-year degree at the Lakeland home campus (Hospitality Management major), Jackie found herself engaged in multiple enjoyable employment opportunities. She excitedly took the opportunity to work as a reservationist for Hokkaido Tourism Management, where she has been employed for the past five years. Since December of 2014, she began working at the hotel Ki Niseko (managed by HTM) as a duty manager and supervisor. However, most recently she has had her eyes on a new opportunity. “As much as I love working there [HTM], January of this year, I have accepted a new job as the manager of a new hotel opening this summer and will be starting this new exciting challenge from March.”

When asked if she had any words for current/future students of LUJ regarding her experiences, Jackie commented, “I will never forget the closeness, friendliness, and warm feeling between students, faculty, and staff when I was there. Naturally, you become friends, and it’s fulfilling every day. Attending LUJ could easily be the best thing I have experienced in my life.”

12 March 2019 In LUJ News

Congratulations to our LUJ alumnus (2013) Ryoma Abe, who went on to pursue his B.A. degree in Sociology at Queens College, City University of New York! For Ryoma, the decision to study at LUJ was a catalyst for traversing the world. “LUJ is where I learned English and they opened the door for me to throw myself into the world. I see a lot of my friends from LUJ are living their dream all over the world and having friends like them motivates me a lot to think that I can do better at anything!” Following his academic studies, Ryoma has also taken to giving back to various communities as well as pursuing his own dream. “I spent some time in Honduras volunteering (building schools for kids who don’t have access to education) and lived in San Luis Potosi, Mexico for a year teaching English and Japanese. It’s been 2 years since I started living in Bogota, Colombia. I’ve been working as a Japanese teacher, but also I’m pursuing my dream to be the first Japanese reggaeton singer.”

Furthermore, Ryoma’s strong work ethic permeated whatever endeavors he set his mind to and this facilitated some of his fonder memories while attending LUJ. “I would say my favorite memories are the incredible fact that I studied a lot every day with awesome friends for 2 years and when I became the first person from LUJ to receive the Outstanding Student Award.”

When asked for a message to current and future LUJ students regarding his experiences, Ryoma explained, “Before entering LUJ, the only thing I wanted to do was sing in NY, but thanks to the various interesting classes such as philosophy, US-Japan relations, and anthropology, I got interested in learning more things besides just music and I even became a president of SAB. I can say to you that if you don’t know what to do with your life, LUJ helps you find it and if you already know, you will find more things that you want to do.”

28 February 2019 In LUJ News

Congratulations to our LUJ alumni (2017) Natsuki Saito, who just completed her B.A. degree in Hospitality Management at the Lakeland home campus! Natsuki began her college education at LUJ, and transferred to the LU Wisconsin campus to pursue her dream of working internationally in the hospitality industry. “I feel like I grew up a lot and had the best time of my life at LUW. Having taken academic classes at LUJ first, I felt well-prepared for the courses at the home campus, and that gave me the confidence and time to make a lot of friends and get involved in other things as well. I will always treasure the people I met at Lakeland – both LUJ and LUW.”

Now with her four-year degree in hand, Natsuki is taking her Lakeland experiences and skills to the next level. Recently hired as a full-time VIP Escort Service agent at the Chicago O`Hare International Airport, she will now be assisting and supporting travelers at one of the largest international airports in the world.

When asked to look back on her days at Lakeland’s Tokyo and Wisconsin campuses, Natsuki explains “I think being active, getting involved, and meeting so many various people helped me find who I want to be. I joined so many activities and clubs when I was in Wisconsin, and that was where I met my precious friends. All of this led to just so many great memories.”

27 February 2019 In LUJ News

Lakeland University Japan will host it's 6th Annual Conference on Global Higher Education on Saturday, June 8th. The theme for this year's conference is "Students in the Center: Reevaluating How We Teach and Serve."

The one-day conference brings together educators from Japan and abroad to discuss topics related to university education in an international context. The wide range of presentation topics includes global competency, study abroad, foreign language education, administration, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), diversity, and educational technology.

The conference has attracted presenters and attendees from all corners of Japan as well as from Germany, Romania, Russia, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, and the United States.

For more information, please see the conference website


27 October 2018 In LUJ News

On October 26, 2018, LUJ held the annual Arts Day Festival and a Halloween party at Batur Tokyo, close to the LUJ Campus Eltz Building. Students and teachers took part in this event which included music performances, a costume contest, and other performances. LUJ has held Arts Day festivals every year since 2003, making this the 16th consecutive festival.

The event began with a student greeting in the opening ceremony, then various events began, including an LUJ T-shirt Design competition, a table tennis tournament, instrument performances, and a dance recital.  What got the most attention was a music performance by Dr. Tompkins, Dr. Ryan, and Mr. Grabowski performing "867-5309/Jenny," a 1981 song by Tommy Tutone.

Arts Day is considered an indispensable event for Lakeland, an opportunity for students to show off their talents and strut their stuff, allowing students, teachers, and staff to get to know each other better.

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