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Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics


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  Introduction to Business
  Principles of Macroeconomics
  Principles of Microeconomics

Mikhail Kotykhov is an Adjunct professor of Business at Lakeland College Japan. He has been teaching Business and Economics at Lakeland since January, 2011.

In addition to teaching activities, Mikhail is working with Lakeland students to help them learn career-related skills.

Originally from Krasnodar, Russia, Mikhail has received a postgraduate degree (Master of Business) from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. He also worked as a University lecturer in New Zealand, teaching economics, marketing and other business subjects.

Prior to that, Mikhail had received a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Sociology from Kuban State University in Russia. He worked as an economist in the Central Bank of Russia for the first six years of his professional career.

Outside of the academia, Mikhail works with business professionals in Japan, and around the world, helping them improve communication skills in the global market.

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