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Students get involved for many different reasons based on their individual interests and desires. What you get out of it varies with your individual contribution, but most students say they receive great personal success and have the most fun of their life being involved in college! To find out more about Lakeland Japan's clubs & organizations, click here

Counseling Services

Lakeland Japan offers on-campus counseling services to provide support and assistance to students as they develop academically, personally, and socially. Depending on the topic and needs of the student, counseling can be made available with a specific class professor, your own academic advisor, or the college's counselor. 


The Lakeland library is dedicated to supporting student learning and the professional development and research needs of faculty and staff. Check out the official library page here

Tutoring Services

Lakeland Japan prides itself on maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio (14:1), and each professor already provides "Office Hours" each week so that students can come and ask questions they may have. But in addition to these helpful services, Lakeland's Learning Center matches students with tutors who provide FREE one-to-one assistance that may not be available in the classroom. Whether you're trying to pass a course or maintain a 4.0, working with a tutor can be extremely beneficial. 

Disability Services

Our goal is to provide reasonable and effective accommodations for students who present appropriate documentation of a disability so that those students have an equal opportunity to achieve academic success. Lakeland Japan strives to do so in a way that is timely, respectful of the dignity of the student, and empowering for the student. 

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