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Have a passion for the Arts? How about escaping for a night hike with your classmates up Mt. Fuji? Whether you are the outdoor adventure type, artistic museum type, or anything in between...there are unlimited ways to fill in your weekends and semester breaks when you enter our Japan campus.

Shinjuku Gyouen Park during cherry blossom season

Despite the hustle and bustle of the area immediately surrounding Shinjuku Station, there are several tranquil spots nearby that can be used to escape. A 10-minute walk from our campus will put you at the front gates of the massive Shinjuku Gyoen Park, once an imperial garden but now open to the public. Beautiful scenery and landscape of temples, shrines, walking paths lined with benches and open space for relaxing can make this a great escape destination. Students can take advantage of this 144-acre national garden and still make it back to class with ease! Not much farther away is Meiji SHrine, another huge park area around a magnificent, 170-acre Shinto shrine dedicated to the Meiji Emperor.

If you'd like some adventurous culture, how about the Samurai Museum (Motto: "Honor Above Life"), just a ten-minute walk from our doors? If you get tired of that, there are many others, including a Fire Museum, Toy Museum, and even a special sword museum. However, if art and music are what you want, the Tokyo Opera City has a concert hall and art gallery, along with a variety of permanent and seasonal exhibits in halls around the neighborhood.

If that's not enough, then if you're with us in 2020, you'll be smack in the middle of to Tokyo Summer Olympics!

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