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College clubs and organizations are a major presence on the LCJ campus. The Student Activities Board (SAB) introduces and sponsors multiple all-campus events throughout the year, as well as approves and supports countless smaller clubs and organizations. You may just be looking to get involved in a sport or new hobby, or maybe looking to make some new friends. Whatever your goals and motivation, getting involved in club life brings some amazing personal success, satisfaction and fun. 

Clubs and organizations include both annual and semester-based activities, so you can decide which best suits you and give it a try. Our SAB committee is always encouraging, and wants to help you discuss the goals and objectives of new groups to make your student and college life as engaging and successful as possible. 


For a quick glimpse into some of the more popular and long-standing clubs and organizations, check out the recent list below!

Annual Events

  • Arts Day: LCJ's biggest event of the year, featuring students, faculty, and staff showcasing their talents such as song, dance, music, stand-up comedy, or any other talents that they want to perform. 
  • International Food Festival: LCJ's second biggest event, where students, faculty, and staff showcase their culture's food/dish that represents their own country. The proceed's are donated to a NPO/NGO of our choice, and people who participate get a taste of other countries cultures.
  • Summer BBQ: a SAB funded and organized event, which speaks for itself. Students, faculty, and staff enjoy the summer season with food and sports events, such as soccer, water gun wars, beach volleyball, and much more! Plus, a lot of good eats that will be grilled on the spot! Attendee's will be able to enjoy the Odaiba area, such as the 1\1 scale of Gundam Mobile Suit!

Hobby-Based Clubs

  • Photography Club
  • Dance Club
  • Computer-Making Club
  • 3D Printing Club
  • Journalism Club
  • Coffee Club
  • Music Club

Special Interest & Community Outreach

  • Vox Humana: Vox Humana is a volunteer research project created at LCJ in 2013 in response to the growing concerns about the future of the Humanities and Liberal Arts education in Japan. By offering LCJ students various opportunities to collaborate with a broad range of museums and cultural institutions from throughout Japan, Vox Humana proved that the practical values of the Humanities and Liberal Arts are not a chapter of the historical past, but a 21st century reality. The activities students are involved in include translations for Japanese national museums, volunteer concerts for Hansen's disease patients, museum home page design and translation. The contributions of LCJ Vox Humana students to the National Hansen's museums in Japan have been recognized officially by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare in Japan. 
  • International Club: bridging the gap between Japanese students and those from overseas, this club organizes events, activities and trips to celebrate and embrace LCJ's diversity and each others cultures. 
  • Hospitality Club: We strive to provide educational experiences for students in Hospitality Management. This will be accomplished through guest speakers, tours, community service events and trips. This is an organization that will explore the different areas of the hospitality industry and all that it has to offer.
  • Tokyo Public History Research Project: coordinated by LCJ professors Dr. Adam Tompkins and Charles Laurier, this provides opportunities for students to engage in service learning by conducting research and engaging in community outreach. Much of the focus has been on chronicling the history of the former Tachikawa Air Base in West Tokyo. The group continues to engage in projects in the Tachikawa and Sunagawa areas, and is planning to initiate a re-photography project in the greater Tokyo area to show the dramatic changes to the cityscape by replicating the photograph shots on old postcards. Activities of the this group have been featured in the Tokyo Shinbun news. 

Sports-Based Clubs

  • Basketball Club
  • Rock Climbing Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Martial Arts Club
  • Baseball Club
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