Alumni volunteers are essential to a number of services offered by the college. Your volunteer support on any level is greatly apprecaited. These days there are even more opportunities to become involved with Lakeland. Please fill out the following survey and let us know some of your interests. As always, thank you for your support!
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We want to spread the word about how special a place Lakeland University Japan really is.

Our Alumni Ambassador Program is a way for our passionate graduates to help us spread the word of LUJ throughout the world. So are you heading back home for a holiday sometime soon? Maybe you have the time to stop by your old high school or know someone thinking about college options?

Please contact Charlie Stockman in our alumni department at  or call +81-3-3225-0425. We can send any materials you may need.

Every spring the university invites a number of alumni to return to the campus and speak as a panel to our students. Do you remember what it was like yourself wondering what awaits you in the world after college? We keep telling our students that LUJ alumni are the perfect people to ask. 

Talking about what LUJ did for you and your career, what you have been doing since graduation, any memories that have stayed with you, and how LUJ experience fits into your current life are all things we would all like to hear.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a panel member for this event, you would be doing a huge service to the college and our newest family members. Please contact Charlie Stockman at  or by phone at +81-3-3225-0425 for more information about volunteering. 

Thank you everyone for celebrating this historic milestone together with us. The 130+ alumni, faculty, staff and friends that attended shared a wonderful evening of reconnecting, laughing and reliving the countless memories during their time at Lakeland Japan. 

For those alumni who were unable to join, we hope to see you at the next Alumni Event! Take a minute to update your contact information, and we'll be happy to add you to our mailing list for upcoming alumni events, reunions, and/or association activities. 

Click here to update your contact information. 


Whether it be a short visit as you stop by the campus to say “hello”, or meeting up at any one of our alumni events throughout the year. You are always a valued member of the LUJ family. 

Might you be looking for other ways to stay involved, or maybe stay current on your English or professional skills? Alumni are always welcome to join our “Open College” program – a 10-week course offered each semester that offers anything from Business Writing to Current Issues to American Style Flower Arranging. Special alumni rates are always available, so there’s no reason for the studying and growing to end at graduation.

We hold a number of events throughout the year that alumni members have free access to. Our current "Homecoming Nights" series was launched to bring alumni members back to the campus to check out the major developments the college has made, as well as reconnect with a different professor or staff member from their time as a student.

Lakeland's “Lecture Series” event sponsors a new guest speaker each month to talk from from a variety of topics, industries and fields. We’d love to say hi, so check out the upcoming calendar and stop by the campus for our next one!

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