Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Every year, students from all over decide that transferring to Lakeland University Japan is the right choice for them. Why? There isn't just one reason - there are three:

Transferability of credits at Lakeland Transferability of credits

Lakeland has a generous transfer credit policy, accepting up to 37 credits from previous institutions (including approved military credits).

Small class sizes Small class sizes at Lakeland

Lakeland’s small class sizes (our Student/Teacher Ratio is 16:1) encourage meaningful faculty interactions and mentoring that continues after graduation.

Class availability and advising at Lakeland Class availability and advising

Classes are carefully scheduled and students work closely with faculty advisers to ensure appropriate course scheduling options, enabling them to graduate on time.

LUJ accepts transfer students as well on a continuing basis throughout the year. An application form is available ONLINE, or you may contact the admissions office to have application materials sent. In addition to the application, transfer applicants must submit the following documents for their admissions file:

Application Checklist

  1. Completed application form. You may submit the ONLINE application or click here for a PDF version.
  2. Have your official transcripts from all U.S. post-secondary colleges, universities or military (if any) you have attended sent to us. Use the mailing address below. 
  3. Foreign university transcripts must be accompanied by an official course-by-course evaluation of all academic coursework translated in English. Approved foreign credential evaluation organizations, such as Educational Credential Evaluators ( and World Educational Services ( can be used for evaluation purposes. The course-by-course evaluation, English translation, and official transcripts are required as part of the admission process. The evaluation must include cumulative GPA. The evaluation can take several weeks to complete, so please plan accordingly. 
  4. Check with the Admissions Office to see if you should have your high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores sent to us. 
  5. A statement of purpose (300-400 words stating your interest in transferring to Lakeland University Japan). 
  6. Letter of reference. This may be submitted via fax or email. 
  7. Two identifical passport-sized photos (4cm x 3cm or 1.5in x 1in). Photos may be submitted directly to your admissions counselor directly as .jpeg files. 
Applicants should send these files to the address below. Upon receipt of these items, your admissions file will be complete and ready for review.
Lakeland University Japan
5-7-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
Attention: LUJ Office of Admissions

Visa Sponsorship

For applicants coming from overseas and in need of visa sponsorship, we're here to help. The visa application process officially begins as soon as you are officially accepted, but you can review the checklist to get a head start.

  1. Complete the Visa Application Information Sheet (click here for a PDF version). This can be submitted by email or fax. 
  2. Passport Photocopy (color). This can be submitted by email or fax. 
  3. Complete the Confidential Financial Certificate form (click here for a PDF version).
    This may also be submitted by email or fax.  
  4. Pay the Student Visa Application Fee (20,000 JPY). Instructions on how to complete this payment will be sent to you via email. 

View Transfer Policies

Students who wish to transfer to LUJ from another college must be in good academic standing and must submit official academic transcripts from all other colleges attended. Only coursework which is similar to courses offered at LUJ and in which the student has earned a grade of "C" or better will transfer. Grades earned at other colleges are not included in the Lakeland GPA. The Lakeland credit unit is the semester hour, which is equivalent to 1.5 quarter hours. All work completed at other colleges will be converted to semester hours when evaluating transferable credits. All applicants will receive an evaluation of their transferable credits when their applicaiton files are complete and admission decisions have been made. All transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework at LUJ in order to earn their degree. 


  1. All international students accepted to LUJ will automatically receive a 100,000 JPY scholarship (applied to the first semester invoice).
  2. Click here to learn about LUJ's Mentor Scholarship - another way to help lower costs. 
  3. Accepted students with U.S. citizenship are able to apply for Financial Aid through our home campus (WI). Contact our admissions office so we can help you start the process. 

Interested? Find out more about transferring to Lakeland by filling out the form below, or call us at (+81) 3-3225-0425. A Lakeland representative will contact you shortly. 

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