Upcoming Open Campus Events

Visiting colleges is always one of the best ways to make a decision, and LUJ's Open Campus events provide an exciting preview into college life at our dual campuses (Tokyo, Wisconsin). Come and meet our dedicated team of admissions counselors, student ambassadors, and university faculty as we guide you through Lakeland's exciting programs, admissions, scholarships, and other basic information about the university. A sample class from one of our undergraduate classes will also be held. Registration is free, and a light lunch and beverages will also be provided. 

Reserve a seat for an upcoming Open Campus today by completing the registration form below, or by contacting one of our dedicated admissions counselors at

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Open Campus Schedule

Time: 12:00 - 15:00

Location: LUJ Main building, 2F Student Lounge

  1. Learn about what Lakeland offers, and how it's shaping our students experiences into something truly unique (new majors, co-op program, scholarships, internships, and more). 
  2. Meet with our team to understand the admissions requirements and scholarship opportunities. 
  3. Sample one of our college classes with a university professor. 
  4. Meet and talk with Student Ambassadors currently studying at LUJ. 
  5. Individual counseling.
  6. Lunch (free!)


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