The Chinese classes are basically conducted in English and some easy Japanese for the comparison between Chinese and Japanese words. The instructor will adjust the teaching component depending on class participants' Chinese ability. The class helps students improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, and conversation in a comprehensive way. The instructor advocates the "learning by using method" and provides a good deal of language practice opportunities in class. 





Welcome to Making Effective Presentations - Power Point!

This course will give participants an opportunity to practice giving oral presentations and short talks about topics of their choice, whether academic, work-related or personal. The emphasis is on speaking and preparing successful public presentations. 
Topics include:

  • essentials and organization of a good presentation
  • how to use Power Point with dynamic slide design
  • effective speaking techniques and language
  • creating effective visual aids
  • practicial presentation tips and ideas

Participants will create and deliver practice presentations during the course, building up to delivering a proessional end-of-course presentation.

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Welcome to Japanese Language!

This course is useful for newcomers to Japan who have already studied some Japanese or long-time residents who want a means of moving to the next stage. The content of this class is adjusted to meet the needs of the students. They will be able to practice what they already know as well as to expand their vocabulary. Attention is paid to pronunciation, basic grammar and everyday expressions to improve fluency. Culture notes will be provided to deepen the understanding of the intentions behind the words. 





Welcome to Spanish Language!

Students will learn how to communicate in everyday Spanish with a focus on simple conversations using everyday Spanish with a focus on simple conversations using everyday Spanish, self-introductions, asking simple questions, talking about their personal interests, ordering food and going shopping. This is a very interactive class allowing students to develop their speaking ability through conversational role-plays and other activities. Students will also be introduced to various Hispanic cultures. 
Spanish II is offered every semester for more advanced speakers or those continuing from Spanish I. 



Welcome to Learning Japanese Culture in English!

We're quickly approaching the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Are you ready to help visitors understand Japanese culture? Although you may know Japanese culture well, can you explain in in English to people who have no background understanding of it? In this course, we will aim to enhance your English skills by enjoying conversing about Japan with foreigners, especially Japanese culture, manners and everyday lifestyle. 




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