Endless Opportunities

Endless Opportunities

We offer three full semesters per year, giving students the ability to complete their Associate of Arts degree within 5 semesters, taking only 1 year and 8 months. For example, if you began your educational journey in January of one year, you could be attending graduation by early August the next year!

Students can also pursue a bachelor’s degree by staying an extra 5-semesters and studying in Tokyo, or you can transfer to the United State to complete your degree at Lakeland University’s campus in Wisconsin or at Virginia Wesleyan University. This unique partnership allows students the ability to achieve their academic goals while immersing themselves in American culture.

We strive to make transferring as easy and affordable as possible. Through scholarships, co-op/internship opportunities, etc., we will do everything we can to make our already-low tuition hard to beat. For more information, contact an admissions advisor!

Here is a sample 10-semester plan for a B.A. degree!

Check back soon for more information!

Here is a sample 5-semester plan for an A.A. degree; what you do after that is up to you! Pursue your bachelor’s degree at Lakeland University Japan, Lakeland University’s home campus in Wisconsin or at Virginia Wesleyan University!

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4Semester 5
Composition I Composition II Humanities I Public Speaking Eastern Religious Traditions
Core I: Knowing the Self Intro to Biology Introduction to Sociology General Psychology Web Design
Introduction to Business Logic World History II US-Japan Relations Anthropology of Japan
Intermediate Algebra Elementary Japanese I Elementary Japanese II Intermediate Japanese I Intermediate Japanese II


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