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Hello! My name is Jackie, and I am from Hong Kong. After graduating from high school, I had decided to go abroad to study. Not to the States where my cousins are; not to U.K. where my sister is staying, but to Tokyo, Japan, a place that had always held an interest for me! In the beginning, my goals were just the same as most foreign students here; study Japanese for at least 2 years, take the Japanese Proficiency Test, and then apply to whatever technical school or university that I'm able to get in. I was interested in culinary school and some other related fields, which is still something I want to do! However, I never thought that just by flipping over a weekly magazine my Language school gave us that my path could completely change. I saw Lakeland College Japan and was immediately interested, and after attending an information session and talking with the staff more about the opportunities offered to me at LCJ, I realized this was the place for me and chose to apply to Lakeland College Japan Campus!

Lakeland College Japan, offering me the first 2-years of a four year degree, is giving me the ability to take a large variety of general courses and electives so that I can truly find what it is I want to do. After completing this program, I will actually receive an Associate of Arts degree and be able to transfer to the US to complete my B.A., giving me a truly unique and international experience throughout my college studies. And yes, all classes at LCJ is taught in English, so the only difference between choosing here and college in the US is just the location…fortunately for us we have the opportunity to be in Tokyo during these beginning years of studying. Even though the courses are taught in English, LCJ also offers a variety of other foreign language courses we can take, including Japanese, which means I don’t even have to worry about losing the Japanese skills I had worked so hard to attain at my language school before entering.

Professors from the Academic Program and staff at the college are all amazingly helpful and nice! Whenever you feel depressed or frustrated about anything, they are there to help you and be the "parent" for just a while; we can rely on and have fun with them. They are always there to help you if you want to talk about any problems you may have, which when studying in a foreign country are sure to come up. I admit that I've been relying on some of them since day one, but have also grown confident in so many ways! I've also made friends with people around the world, from America, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, China, of course Japan and many others! With so many interesting people, cultures, and backgrounds, it’s hard to get around to everyone…but it’s so nice to be in a place where we know each others faces, names, personalities, and the more we hang out, the more we get to know each other.

To ALL future LCJ students, the day I found out I was accepted to LCJ, I was nervous right away! Worrying about making friends and enrolling at a new school, doing something different than others you know, studying for tests and exams – the list goes on! I remember the very first thing I told myself was "I have to change. I can't be the Jackie I was before!" Now, compared to days when I was still a couldn't-care-less, lazy high school student, thanks to professors and people around LCJ, I'm more motivated to strive for my goal and to do the best I can in each class. I also found out that you ought to speak up if you want to make friends, and LCJ is a great place to do that. Get to know people from your class by joining the various LCJ clubs and going to the events together. All I'm trying to say is that if I could do it, you can definitely do it, too! Worry is a short-term thing that almost everyone feels when going to a new environment; the long-term thing is to enjoy your 2-year life inside and out Lakeland College Japan Campus and I'm sure it will be something that you will never regret!

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