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Having just finished my third semester here at Lakeland College Japan Campus, I can say that this place has become a very memorable school for me. I am from Singapore, and have been interested in studying abroad and Japan for a long time. Having first entered a Japanese language school to try the language, I had lived here for about two years and decided which path I should choose to continue my education. By chance, I had attended a college fair where I was first introduced to Lakeland College Japan, and first heard of this opportunity to study at an American college right here in Tokyo. The possibility of completing my first 2-years here in Japan, and then the remaining 2-years in the US, was a path extremely interesting to me, so I decided to enroll.

Lakeland College Japan courses can certainly be a challenge, but it has a great study environment because the classes are smaller and the professors are able to focus more on each student’s individual needs. The kind and friendly professors are always ready to guide the students and lend a helping hand whenever we need it, which is something I truly appreciate while studying at this college. I was initially afraid that I would not fit in with all my classmates, but after entering LCJ I had made so many new friends from different walks of life. Without a doubt, the time I have spent so far in LCJ is one that I will never forget!

For those of you who are considering coming to LCJ to begin your studies – don’t wait! This is truly the college where you are opened to a high level of education, a city that offers unresting fun and opportunity, and the chance to earn the confidence needed before taking your next step into the world. Thanks to LCJ, I’m excited to take mine!

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