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I come from a humble christian home in Uganda and upbringing partially in New York. With this diverse background I began harnessing my focus and interests towards my education...a primary goal in this chapter of my life.

Having visited a number of times when I was younger, I decided to first start my international education by entering a Japanese language school in Kyoto. After finishing that program, I went through an incredibly strenous process of trying to find the right college, but it was through these efforts that I found Lakeland College Japan Campus. With undoubtably the most helpful college staff keeping in touch with me, listening to my interests, and guiding and helping me to understand what opportunities await me there, I enrolled into the

After living in Kyoto for 1.5 years, the move to Tokyo was definetely a big one. The fast lifestyle, flashing lights; I was overwhelmed as I had made the move. However, I found solace in this campus. The challenges of studying abroad, living in a new country, and making new friends were all turned into support, excitement, interaction and the beginning of a whole new chapter for me. LCJ presents an environment where anyone is able to achieve what they believe they are destined to do. A challenging curriculum followed by top-level and supporting professors, a fast Tokyo lifestyle followed by small class sizes and my name known by everyone on campus – this is a college education and experience that offers benefits and opportunity on every level.

As my second year comes to an end here at LCJ, I feel confident and excited to continue on with my international education. The memories I had here will certainly last with me forever, and I believe so will the strengths, friendship and education that I received here at LCJ.


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