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Originally coming from Spain, I had been interested in coming to Japan for my studies. When I was ready to begin my college education, Lakeland College Japan was a great choice because it allowed me to stay in Japan while attending this friendly, personalized institution. I was looking for a place where I could continue my Japanese studies, yet at the same time begin to receive my college education in a challenging English curriculum. As an American college located in Japan, there are both large percentages of international students from around the world as well as Japanese students, giving this college and its students the opportunity to really learn from different perspectives and take advantage of living in Japan and learning more about it. International students are able to enroll into Japanese language courses as well, giving them the opportunity to really learn about this country and whatever aspect of Japan is of interest. One of the best attributes of Lakeland College Japan is its wide range of courses, which helps us find our majors and which studies best fit us…without the hassle they have at larger and impersonal universities. Our studies and efforts are actually looked at and supported by the professors and staff here.

College life can be challenging with the new environments, unknown teachers and people on campus. But here at LCJ, where the campus and class sizes are smaller, it brings constant interaction between the classmates and teachers. Here I have found equally motivated students and professors, both excited to work together and it has made my living here in Tokyo and this college life incredibly enjoyable. Contrary to the crowded universities in Europe where the teacher doesn’t know our name and we slowly become just a number, at LCJ they don’t only know and call your name, they always take your personal efforts and opinions into consideration.

Here I am, approaching the end of my studies at LCJ, and the list of opportunities before me is growing. The remaining two years of my college education may be spent here in Japan, possibly in the US, or back in Europe. As an LCJ graduate, I know I can receive a scholarship and attend the prestigious home campus in the US, which is over 100-years old in providing Liberal Arts education. I know that wherever I choose, I will have the confidence needed because of the challenges I overcame and the education I received here at LCJ. This was the best choice I have ever made, and hope other students come and join this dynamic campus and education.

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